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Attention Real Estate Agents!


You may occasionally have clients who choose to rent their properties instead of selling them. Through our agent referral program, we can provide your client with the services they need while helping you retain the client in the future.


Manage Chicago, Inc.  gives you a referral fee equal to the first month’s management fee and a commitment letter that we will contact you immediately when the owner mentions the possibility of selling. When a unit is to become vacant, we contact the owner and discuss his or her plans.


We can discuss the particular needs of your clients and put together the right game plan for referring our services. We will work within your guidelines and allow you to maintain complete control over your client relationships.


We have dozens of professionals that boost their personal income by providing our information to their new and existing clients.


If you are looking for a Chicago property management then please call 773-449-5151 or complete our online request form.


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